UPDATE:  7/4/2021 PLEASE JOIN US FOR OUR VIRTUAL SERVICES - We plan to open for in-person services soon, but in the meantime, we are holding virtual services twice monthly through Zoom. The next virtual service is scheduled for Sunday, August 8th  at 10:45 a.m. If you would like to participate or find out more information, please email our Secretary/Treasurer, Ann Baumgardt at [email protected]We send our love and blessings to all of you!

Ocean Unity Virtual Services

Audio & Video Files 

Please enjoy these wonderfully uplifting and insightful messages

 from our guest speakers!

The following are audio and video files of guest speakers at Ocean Unity's Sunday virtual services. To listen, just click the links provided. To be placed on our mailing list for our newsletters, virtual service announcements, and links, please email our Secretary, Ann Baumgardt, at [email protected]

AUGUST VIRTUAL SERVICES:  Please join us for Ocean Unity's August virtual services on August 15th and 29th. Guest speakers to be announced soon.

Love and Happiness

May 30, 2021 -  Barb Ryan


Sorry we do not have a video for this one.

Ocean Unity was pleased to have counselor and author Barb Ryan as guest speaker on Sunday, May 30th. Barb feels the most important gift we can give ourselves is to engage in the inner search for peace and happiness, which ultimately finds us spiraling toward joy. It is as a coach in this search that she has come to be known as the “Guidess of Happiness.” Having been a counselor for over 25 years, Barb is also author of her inspirational book “Love Loves Fear.” To listen to Barb's message, click on the link above. To learn more about Barb's counseling and coaching services and see a list of her classes and workshops, visit her website at:  https://spiralingtowardjoy.com

The Power of Imagination

June 27, 2021 - Dr. Ruth Miller

Ocean Unity was pleased to have Dr. Ruth Miller as our guest speaker on Sunday, June 27th. Dr. Miller is best described as a synthesist of all things relevant to consciousness, human potential, and culture. She works with academic institutions, individuals, nonprofits, churches, and small businesses to guide them through the confusion of today's world and into the emerging culture. The title of Dr. Miller’s talk is “Imagination is Powerful.” The human mind is remarkable in many ways, among them the ability - which apparently no other species has, to create images and emotions about what has not yet happened. We call it imagination. And today the use of that particularly human faculty is almost overwhelming in its use and application. Dr. Miller explores how our imagination guides us and sometimes misleads us in our day-to-day activities and our attempts to make things happen in our world. To learn more about Dr. Ruth Miller and find links to information about her books, talks, classes, and workshops, visit her website at: https://ruthlmillerphd.com/

Spiritual Understanding: Emilie Cady's Breakthrough

July 25, 2021 -  Dr. Ruth Miller

Ocean Unity was pleased to have Rev. Ruth Miller, Ph.D. as guest speaker at their virtual service on Sunday,  July 25, 2021. When Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, was looking for a way to simply explain what Unity was about, his wife Myrtle showed him a pamphlet by Emilie Cady that turned out to be exactly what he was looking for. Emilie Cady was a homeopathic physician and author of New Thought spiritual writings, including her 1896 book, “Lessons in Truth: A Course of Twelve Lessons in Practical Christianity.” On Sunday, Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller will tell us more about Emilie Cady and how she came to the understanding that became the basis for all Unity teachings for the past hundred years. Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller integrates new understandings of culture and consciousness in a way that “the rest of us” can understand. With degrees in anthropology, environmental studies, cybernetics, and the systems sciences, Rev. Miller taught in several colleges and universities while working as a futurist and organizational/community development consultant. An ordained New Thought minister serving Unity, Science of Mind, and Unitarian churches, she consults, writes, and speaks on the nature of consciousness and spirituality, focused on the future well-being of all humanity. To learn more about Rev. Dr. Ruth Miller, visit her website at https://ruthlmillerphd.

Our Creative Minds: The Power to IN-vision

June 13, 2021 - Eileen Lighthawk 



Ocean Unity was pleased to have Eileen Lighthawk as guest speaker on Sunday,  June 13th. Eileen’s messages are always a joyful celebration of life filled with practical spiritual insights and delightful humor. She has an amazing gift for inspiring others and imparting spiritual wisdom that can be applied to everyday life. To listen to Eileen's message, click on the link above. To learn more about Eileen and see her beautiful artwork, visit her website at: 


Exploring Life for the Joy of it

July 11, 2021 - Dr. Joseph Bernard



Ocean Unity was pleased to have Joseph Bernard, Ph.D., Author, Counselor, and Life-Changing Couch, as guest speaker at our virtual service on Sunday, July 11th at 10:45 AM. The title of Dr. Bernard’s talk was “Exploring Life for the Joy of it” and we were blessed with his spiritual insights on how we can bring more Life, Love, and Joy into our lives as we expand our ability to be present. As we explore life simply for the joy of it, we begin to better understand that Life, Love, and Joy are available to us everywhere!  To reach Dr. Bernard and learn about his coaching and counseling services, you can email him at [email protected] or call 541-991-9194